A STORY ABOUT A PRODIGAL SON
                                                             Luke 15:11-24 (767


          A.  Jesus told a story about a selfish, prodigal son. (The father represents God and the
                younger son represents those who have rebelled against God)

          B.  I appreciate this story because it demonstrates the love, forgiveness, mercy and grace
                of our Heavenly Father.

          C.  Let’s read Luke 15:11-24

      I.  The younger son’s request to his father.  Vv11-12

          A.  Request and request granted.

          B.  The son left to go to a far country.

          C.  God desires us to be with Him, but He will let us walk away.  (free moral agency)

    II.  Three things gave out while he was in the far country, which represents sin.

          A.  Money.  Vv13-14

          B.  Favorable conditions.  Vv14-16

          C.  Friends. V16b

   III.  His turnabout.  V17a

          A.  Repentance is the giving up of ones stubborn will in order to accept God’s will.

   IV.  The young son’s decision to go home.  Vv17-19

    V.  His father’s response.  Vv20-24

           A.  His looking. V20c

           B.  His compassion.  V20

           C.  The father’s acceptance just as he was, and the meeting of his needs.  V22-24

  Conclusion:  A key message of the story:  Come home ______________________ because God
                      is good and will accept you just as you are.