A STUDY OF 1 CORINTHIANS (Lesson Eleven)
                                             The Resurrection Of The Dead (Part One)
                                                            1 Corinthians 15 (850)

          A.  Confusion with some about the resurrection of the dead.
          B.  Some claimed that there was “no resurrection of the dead?”  Vv12-13
          C.  Let’s give attention to the Apostle Paul’s response.
      I.  Paul reminded them that the resurrection is emphasized in the teaching of the

          A.  Paul had taught the gospel to them and they had been saved.  Vv1-2,11

          B.  His teaching included the resurrection of Christ.  Vv3-4

    II.  Paul told these Christians that there were people who saw Christ after His
          resurrection.  Vv4-8

   III.  Paul gave consequences if there was no resurrection.

          A.  Christ wasn’t resurrected.  V13

          B.  The apostles preaching and the Christians’faith were vain. V14; Romans 1:16-17

          C.  The Corinthians were still in sin.  V17

          D.  Those who died had no hope.  Vv18-19

   IV.  Paul explained that since Christ has been resurrected, His disciples would be

          A.  Christ is the first-fruits.  Vv20,23.  In O.T. first of harvest was offered to God and was
                evidence of more grain to be harvested.

          B.  When will this occur? When Christ returns. Vv23,52

    V.  Other arguments regarding the resurrection.

          A.  If the dead ones weren’t resurrected, why were they baptized for the dead?  V29
                Two views: 1)                                                   2)

          B.  His sufferings would have no purpose.  Vv30-32

          C.  Paul instructed them to avoid the false teachers (v33) and to awaken spiritually (34).

  Invitation:  2 Thessalonians 1:6-10 (875); Matthew 28:18-20 (730)