A STUDY OF 1 CORINTHIANS (Lesson One)

          A.  Author:  The apostle Paul
          B.  Recipients:  The church in Corinth
                1.  Established by Paul about A.D. 52.  Acts 18:1-8 (818-819)
                2.  Most of the members were Gentiles.  Chapter 12:2
                3.  Failed to protect themselves from the corruption of the society.
                4.  Written in response to a report by Chloe’s family (1:11) and a letter from the
                      Church (7:1).
          C.  Date:  AD 56-57
          D.  City of Corinth
                1.  The commercial metropolis of Greece with an estimated population of about four
                      to six thousand.
                    2.  One of the largest, richest and important cities of the Roman Empire.
                   3. Engaged in idol worship.
           E.  Paul’s goal for writing this letter is found in 1 Corinthians 1:10.  He instructed them
                 how to deal with problems of division..

       I.  An example of division.  1: 10-17

           A.  There were ‘parties’ who were called by the names of Paul, Apollos, Cephas
                 and Christ.  V12 

                 1.  Why?  A matter of conjecture.
                 2.  Maybe the men taught them or baptized them.  Maybe divided over Jewish
                      teachers and teacher of the Gentiles.  Maybe there were those who refused to call
                      themselves by any inferior name and regarded Christ as their head.
           B.  Paul instructed them that they should be followers of Christ.  V13

                 1.  Keep in mind that the church is the body of Christ.  1 Corinthians 12:12-13
                 2.  The church shouldn’t be divided according to human names.

           C.  A formula for unity.  Ephesians 4:1-6 (865).  Applicable for local church and a group
                 of churches.

                 1.  A group of Christians must desire unity.  Vv1-3
                 2.  They must have the right attitude.  V2
                 3.  They must put forth the proper effort.  V3
                 4.  For there to be unity based on God’s will, they must have the scriptural
                      components.  Vv4-6.  ONE body (church), Spirit, hope of immortality, Lord, faith,
                                                          baptism, God and Father.

  Closing:  As we study passages from 1 Corinthians, let’s do so with the understanding that the
                 church had divisions, and that the apostle Paul responded with instructions. 1 Cor. 1: