A STUDY OF 1 CORINTHIANS (Lesson Ten)
                                                              Disorderly Worship
                                                   1 Corinthians 14:23-40 (849-850)

          A.  One of the problems in the church in Corinth was that they needed an orderly
                worship. Vv23,26,33,40                                                            
          B.  Let’s focus on the instructions of Paul for an orderly worship.
      I.  To the men speaking in tongues (foreign languages).

          A.  How did Paul correct this confusion?
                1.  Two or at the most three speakers.  V27a,b
                2.  In turn. V27c
                3.  Must have an interpreter.  V27d
                4.  If not, keep silent (not to speak,talk) in the church.

    II.  To the men prophesying (the spiritual  gift to present revelations from God). Eph.4:11

          A.  What instructions did Paul give?
                1.  Two or three speakers.  V29a
                2.  The other prophets were to Judge (hold others to accountability)  V29b
                3.  The prophet speaking was to keep silent if another prophet received a
                     revelation from God.  V30
                4.  One speaker at a time.  V31.
                5.  The prophets could wait in silence (V32) and contribute to an orderly worship. V33

   III.  To the women..

          A.  Instructions

                1.  To keep silent in the churches.  V34a,b
                2.  To be in submission according to the law.V34c; V37; Genesis 3:16 (3)  Two views:
                     1)                                                                  2)
                3.  If they wanted to learn, ask their own husbands at home. V35. (It seems that there
                     were women being  disruptive-__________________________________________
                     1) What husbands were they to ask?  2) Why?______________________________
                4.  Paul instructed them to be silent (not to speak,talk).
                     Consider: V28-The men were instructed to remain silent under a certain _______.
                     V30-The prophets were to be silent under a certain condition. Not during the entire
                      worship. Vv28,30. The women were to be silent under certain conditions. Vv34-35
                      Must keep in mind 1 Timothy 2:12 (877)

                      If the women were to remain silent during the worship, they would not have been
                      able to worship God.

  Closing remarks:1) Paul taught them the commandments of the Lord. 2) instructed them about
  edification. 3) finished section with v40 – DECENTLY and in ORDER.