A.  The wise man Solomon (1 Kings 3:12) offers advice to which we would do well
                to listen.

     I.  Solomon teaches us about the one great event that happens to all people.  Vv1-6

         A.  We are under God’s control.  V1

         B.  Outward signs, suffering and failure don’t show God’s approval or disapproval. V1
               John 9:1-3 (788)

         C.  All people will die, unless Jesus returns first.  Vv2-3; Hebrews 9:27 (888)

         D.  There is hope for the living. Vv4-6 

   II.  We should enjoy life.  Vv7-9; Psalm 45:7 (446); Matthew 6:25,33 (707); Eph.
         1:3 (863)

  III.  We must work while it is day.  Vv10-12

         A.  With our whole heart.  Colossians 3:23-24 (871)

         B.  While we have the time because time will run out.  Vv11-12; John 9:4 (788);
               Luke 13:1-5 (765); Luke 16:19-31 (768)

  IV.  The value of wisdom is considered again by Solomon.  Vv13-18

         A.  Wisdom is more valuable than strength (v16) and weapon of war (v18).

         B.  Parable.  Vv14-15


         A.  We should listen to the advice of wise people.  V17

         B.  Let’s enjoy life and be dedicated to God.