2 Timothy 2 (879)

        A.  It isn’t always easy as a Christian.

        B.  The apostle Paul used six illustrations in 2 Timothy 2 to teach the young preacher
              Timothy to be strong.

        C.  Let’s look at each illustrations and be encouraged to faithfulness.
    I.  We must be dedicated soldiers of Christ.  Vv1-4

        A.  Endure hardship:

        B.  Carry out duties:

        C.  Obey Christ: (Matthew 28:18-20, p730)

  II.  We must be rules abiding athletes for Christ.  V5

        A.  Must “play by rules.”  Matthew 7:21-27 (708)

        B.  The reward is worth it.  James 1:12 (892)

  III.  We must be hardworking farmers for Christ.  V6

        A.  It is hard work:

        B.  It is rewarding.  Galatians 6:8 (862)

  IV.  We must be unashamed workers for Christ. Vv14-19

        A.  What to avoid:

        B.  What to do: (Hebrews1:1-2,p 883: Matthew 18:18,p 719)

  V.  We must be clean vessels for Christ.  Vv20-22

        A.  Flee:

        B.  Pursue:

  VI.  We must be faithful servants of Christ.  Vv23-26

        A.  Don’t:                                                              B.  Be:
Conclusion:  1 Corinthians 15:58 (851)