A.  American Pickers.  Mike and Frank travel the country to bargain for old items such
                bicycles, motorcycles, automobiles, signs, cans, country music memorabilia, etc.
          B.  I have a question for us to answer.  Can we bargain or negotiate with God?
          C.  Negotiate, according to the Webster’s New World Dictionary, means to confer or
                discuss with a view to reaching agreement.  Examples:
          D.  Well, can we negotiate with God?  Jeremiah 10:23 (565)

      I.  Three reasons the Bible teaches that we can not.

           A.  God is always right.  Isaiah 14:26-27 (523)

           B.  God always desires the best.  Romans 8:28,31-32 (835)

           C.  We have no bargaining power.  Romans 3:23 (832); Romans 6:23a

                 1.  The glory of God:

                 2.  All have sinned:

                 3.  That’s why we sing:

     II.  There are people who try to negotiate with God.

           A.  The Pharisee in Luke 18:9-12,14.  (770)

           B.  There are people today who try.

           C.  There will be people who will try on the Day of Judgment.  Matthew 7:21-23 (708)

    III.  Choices we have

            Limited:                                                                 Maximum:

            blessings                                                                blessings-Eph.1:3 (863
            usefulness                                                              usefulness-Philippians 1:6 (867)
            relationship                                                            relationship-1 John 1:7 899
            power                                                                     power-Eph. 3:20 (864)
            faith                                                                       faith-James 2:17 (892)

  Conclusion:  There’s no such thing as negotiating with God.  Question:  Have you been trying?
                       Then what should you do?  Surrender.  Luke 9:23 (760)