A.  Will the people who go to hell receive the same punishment, or are there degrees
                of punishment?
          B.  God’s word is the source for the answer, so let’s look at several passages.

      I.  Let’s note that the condition of a converted person who returns to a life of sin is worse
          than before his conversion. 2 Peter 2:20-22 (899)
          A.  The latter end is worse than the beginning. V20.         
                1.  The process described is lost, conversion and rejection leading to a worse
                2.  one of the reasons is because of the rejection of what he knew to be truth.
          B.  The apostle Peter illustrated by using disgusting habits of unclean animals. V22

    II.  People will be judged according to their opportunities.  Matthew 11:20-24 (711)
          A.  Jesus named several cities where the people had many opportunities to repent. Vv 21,
                23, 20

          B.  Jesus contrasted these cities to cities where the people didn’t have many opportunities.
                Vv 21-24

          C.  People who have neglected opportunities will be held more guilty on the day of

   III.  There are degrees of condemnation mentioned by Jesus in Matthew 23:14-15 (723)
          A.  Greater condemnation. V14

          B.  Twice as much a son of hell. V15

   IV.  Jesus teaches that there are degrees of punishment for degrees of guilt.  Luke 12:41-
          48 (765)
          A.  Many stripes. V47
          B.  Few stripes. V48
          C.  The person who sins knowing the will of God will receive a greater punishment.

    V.  Jesus teaches that there are greater sins.  John 19:11 (798)

          A.  No consolation knowing there are degrees of punishment.
          B.  The good news is that no one has to go to hell because Christ paid our debt of sin.
                2 Corinthians 5:20-21 (854)