A.  There are many messages in our society competing to be heard.  Examples:

          B.  The most important message is from God and is revealed in His word.

          C.  We can’t afford to be ignorant about God’s message.  Romans 10:17 (836)-Emphasis
                from NIV.

          D.  Let’s consider several hindrances to hearing God’s message, the result of refusing to
                hear and the result of hearing and accepting.

      I.  Four hindrances to hearing God’s message of salvation.

          A.  A stubborn heart.  Matthew 13:10-15 (713)

          B.  To allow satan to steal God’s message. 

          C.  The love of sin.  Matthew 13:22; Luke 8:11,14 (758); John 3:19-20 (781)

          D.  There is plenty of time.  Acts 24:24-25 (825)

    II.  The result of refusing to hear God’s message of salvation.  Matthew 7:21,26-29,23 (708)
          Matthew 25:31-33,46a (726)

          LOST condition.

   III.  The result of hearing and obeying God’s message of salvation.  Matthew 7:24-25 (708);
          Matthew 25:31-34,46b (726)

          SAVED condition.


          A. There is no sound reason to be ignorant of God’s message of salvation.  1 Corinthians
               15:1-4 (850)

Closing: Let’s look at an example of God’s message of salvation being received and obeyed.
               Acts 8:35-39 (808).