HYPOCRISY, A SINFUL BEHAVIOR


          A.  Let’s focus on a behavior that hinders the influence and growth of a local church.
                I’m referring to hypocrisy.

          B.  If I asked for a show of hands ________________________________________,
                would you raise your hand?

          C.  I guess we all have been guilty of hypocrisy to some degree.  When we are, repent
                and ask God’s forgiveness. 1 John 1:9

          D.  Let’s deal with a hypocritical life-style.

     I.   Definition:  Comes from a Greek word that signifies that part taken by an actor;
                               hence outward show.  Unger’s Bible Dictionary.

          A.  A religious hypocrite:  One who pretends, plays a role.

          B.  We need to be careful not to confuse hypocrisy with weaknesses.  Romans 7:18-25 
                (834); 1 John 1:7-10 (899)                

    II.  Jesus addressed the hypocrites in His day.

          A.  Jesus called some of the religious leaders ____________________________________

          B.  Several practices of the hypocrites according to Matthew 23: ____________________

   III.  A few ways Jesus teaches His disciples to live.  Matthew 5:14-16 (705)

          A.  To bring glory to God.

          B.  To be defenders of the faith.

          C.  To bring people to Jesus.

          D.  To Live what we teach.  Romans 2:21-24 (831)

          E.  Rm, 2:24; Isaiah 52:4-5 (547)

  Conclusion:  Question __________________________________________________________