A.  King Solomon instructs us to engage in benevolence and to practice diligence.
          B.  He also teaches young people to live in view of the judgment.

      I.  Exhortations to benevolence and diligence.

          A.  Solomon teaches us to invest in benevolence.  Vv1-2

                1.  In V1 Solomon probably had reference to cargo ships that returned from foreign
                     countries with the money or whatever they had received for the cargo.

                2.  When we invest in benevolence, we will receive benefits.

                3.  Let’s be reminded that one day we might need aid from others.  V2; The principle
                     of sowing and reaping:  Luke 6:38 (756); Galatians 6:7-10 (862); Matthew 25:31-
                     46 (726)

          B.  The wise man Solomon teaches us to be diligent, although things happen beyond our
                control.  Vv3-4

                1.  Clouds:  might rain where rain isn’t needed.  Tree might fall on neighbor’s

                2.  Why? We don’t know.  Keep doing good.

                3.  Don’t wait for ideal conditions or our efforts will be restricted.  V4

                4.  We don’t understand everything so keep doing good.  V5; Isaiah 55:8-9 (549)

                5.  Do good in the ways we can and leave the results to God.  V6

                6.  Let’s enjoy life but remember that there will be days of adversity.  Also, that
                     Death is coming.  Vv7-8

    II.  Solomon exhorts young people to enjoy life.  Vv9-10

         A.  Youth should be enjoyed while it lasts.  V9;  Ecclesiastes 12:1-8

         B.  In view of the brevity of youth, the coming of old age and the judgment Solomon urges
               young people to put away evil.  V10

Conclusion:  Let’s do all the good that we can because life is short.  Titus 3:8,14.  Young people
                     should live in view of the judgment.