INFLUENCING OTHER PEOPLE
                                                           Matthew 5:13-16 (705)

          A.  George Barna said about the influence of the church (church in general) ……………

          B.  As disciples of Christ, we influence other people.  Good or bad!

          C.  Matthew 5:13-16 (705)
                1.  Jesus said that we should be salt. V13
                2.  He said that we should be light.  VV14-16

     I.  Influence is something that we can’t lose.

          A.  It can be changed from good to bad and from bad to good.

    II.  Our influence will continue to live after we have departed this life.

          A.  Examples:

   III.  Let’s focus on four ways in which we influence others.  Matthew 12:35-37 (713)

          A.  By what we say.

                1.  Good person:                                                        2.  Bad person   V35

                3.  We will be held accountable.  VV36-37 

                4.  Admonition from Ephesians 4:29 (865)

                5.  Let’s pray for purity of speech as King David.  Psalm 19:14(436)

          B.  We also influence others by the way we live.  Philippians 1:27 (867)

          C.  We influence other by the love we have for them.  John 13:34-35 (793)

          D.  We influence others by our devotion to God.  Matthew 22:35-40 (723)


          A.  Review:

          B.  What should we do with the message we have received?  Psalm 72:1-5 (455)

          C.  We can help people and __________ people to God.