LOVE COVERS SINS
                                    Proverb 20:12 (491) ; 1 Peter 4:8 (896)


         A.  Let's consider the proverb that is written in the above passages.

         B.  Note first what this proverb doesn't teach.

              1.  That we pretend that we don't sin.  1 John 1:8,10,9 (900)
              2.  That we condone sin in one another.

         C.  This proverb teaches that we demonstrate love for one another in spite of
              our faults and sins.

              1.  This is what God did for us by sending Jesus.  Romans 5:6-9 (832)
              2.  Sometimes we have hindrances.

         D.  How can we apply love for one another that will cover sins?  John 13:34-35
              (793)  We can apply love by

     I.  Accepting one another in spite of our weaknesses.

         A.  Acceptance not based on agreement with or that we approve others.

         B.  Acceptance based on who we are-Children of God.  Romans 14:3,10, 12-20,
              23 (838-839)

         C.  Brian Atwood ( By whom I have many of these thought)
              has written:

    II.  Not nitpicking one another.  Romans 13

         A.  Let's not make someones life more difficult than it already is.
              Galatians 6:2 (862) What Paul teaches.

         B. Find a way to help, to be a friend, or to be an encourager. 

  III.  Being a peace maker.  Matthew 5:13 (705)

         A.  Be salt (preserver)


         A.  Be mindful of the command of Jesus to love. John 13:34-35

         B.  Review and invitation.