PREJUDICE TOWARD GOD'S WORD

          A.  Prejudice is a problem that is the foundation of conflict, even in the
               religion world.
          B.  Definition according to the Webster's New World Dictionary, " An
               opinion formed before the facts are known, preconceived, usually
               unfavorable, idea."    
          C.  Our lesson deals with prejudice toward God's word.

      I.  Existed in the first century.

          A.  Paul experienced prejudice.  Acts 17:1-8 (817)

          B.  Jesus had this to say about some of the Jews.  Matthew 13:10-15

    II.  There is prejudice toward God's word today.  (Beliefs without the facts)

          A.  Belief that one can be saved out of the church. It's true that the
               church doesn't save, but stay with me as we look at three passages.

               Ephesians 1:22-23 (863)
               Ephesians 5:22-23
               Acts 2:47 (802)

               Question:  Must we be saved and added to God's church?

          B.  Belief that baptism isn't essential for salvation. Consider the following:

               Acts 22:12-16 (823).    Was Paul baptized to wash away his sins?
               Acts 2:36-38 (802)  Were the people baptized for remission of sins?
               1 Peter 3:21 (896)   Does baptism save us?
               Romans 6:3-6 (833 In baptism we are united with Christ and sacrifice

   III.  How to overcome prejudice toward God's word?

          A.  The individual must change his/her heart.  Matthew 13:14-15;
               Matthew 12:35; Acts 11:23 (812)

               1.  The heart is the source that guides the direction of our lives.

          B.  The individual must have saving faith.  Hebrews 11:6 (889)

          C.  The individual must exercise obedience based on God's word.
               Matthew 7:21-27 (708)

   Conclusion:  Review and Invitation