A.  Review: We have looked at seven of the apostles of Jesus-Peter, Andrew, James, John,
                              Thomas, Matthew and Simon the Zealot.
          B.  This morning let’s note some of the accomplishments of these men and the reason for
                their successes.

      I.  Some of their accomplishments.

          A.  Peter

                1.  Preached the first gospel sermon that is recorded in Acts Two.  Acts 2:14,
                     22-28,36-41 (802) 
                     a.  Why?
                     b.  Lesson:  I John 1:9 (900)
                2.  Preached the first gospel sermon to the Gentiles.  Acts 10:34-48 (811)
                3.  Secular history reports that Peter was crucified upside down.

          B.  James, one of the “sons of thunder,” preached the gospel until his death.  He was the
                first apostle to be martyred.

          C.  John is responsible for writing the gospel of John, 1,2, 3 John and Revelation.  Grew
                into a mature Christian and become known as the apostle of love.  1 John 4:7-11 (901)

          D.  Andrew was an outstanding personal worker.  John 1:40-42 (779)

          E.  Matthew wrote the gospel bearing his name and it was written to the Jews.

          F.  Thomas and Simon the Zealot spent the remainder of their lives preaching and was

    II.  Why could solidarity and cooperation be realized among this hodge podge group?
          Examples of differences:

          A.  Jesus was their Lord.  Acts 10:36 (811); John 13:34-35 (793); John 17:11-21
                They were united in Jesus.

   III.  Let’s unite around Jesus and do something special.  John 14:6 (793); Lk 9:23 (760)

Closing:  If you have never accepted Jesus as you Savior, obey Peter’s message in Acts 2:36-39