A.  Review:  We have started a study dealing with seven of the apostles of Jesus.  We
                 have looked at Peter, James and John.

      I.  The next apostle to consider is Andrew.

           A.  Andrew wasn’t a man of great abilities.
                 1.  Examples:

           B.  Why then was he an apostle? 
                 1.  Andrew was an essential member to the “team.”
                 2.  Lesson:  We don’t have to possess great abilities in order to be great in the
                      kingdom of God.

           C.  Andrew was a personal worker.  John 1:40-42 (779)
                 1.  Lesson:  We can be personal workers.

     II.  One of the apostles has been given the title, the doubter.  I’m referring to Thomas.

           A.  When Thomas was told about the risen Lord, he had doubts.  John 20:24-25 (799)

           B.  Notice how he responded when he saw the Lord after His resurrection.  John 20:26-28
                1.  Lesson:  Would we have been like Thomas?

    III.  Let’s look at Matthew.

           A.  Matthew was a tac collector.

           B.  He didn’t have a good reputation with the Jews.

    IV.  One of the apostles whom we don’t know much about was Simon the Zealot.

           A.  The Zealots were an organization that sought the overthrow of the Roman Gov’t.

           B.  Lesson:  Our past isn’t as important as what we can do in the future.

Closing:  When we look at the apostles we see imperfect men just as we are.  Have you seen
                yourself in any of these men?  These men were apostles of Jesus.  Can’t
                we be faithful disciples of Jesus in spite of our weaknesses?