SEVENTY TIMES SEVEN
                          Matthew 18:21-35 (719)

           A.  Questions regarding forgiveness:
           B.  The apostle Peter asked Jesus a question about forgiveness.
           C.  Let's note what Jesus taught about forgiveness as He answered.

       I.  The number  of times we should forgive someone.  VV21-22
            A.  The Jewish Rabbins taught that someone could be forgiven for
                  the sins up to three times.
            B.  Peter asked about up to seven times.
            C.  How did Jesus respond?  Up to seventy times seven.
                  1.  Explanation of the use of the numbers seven and ten by Jews:
                        7 used as perfection; ten as complete.  70 x 7=Unlimited. 
                        Luke 17:3-4 (769)                      
            D.  How blessed that Jesus will be our judge after this life.
            E.   The "I forgive" principle:

      II.  The importance of forgiveness.  VV23-35
             A.  Parable
                   1.  A king forgave one of his officials for 10,000 talents. VV23,
                   2.  The same official refused to forgive a fellow official who owed
                         100 denari.  VV28-30.  Note: 10,000 talents would be  60
                          million denari.
                   3.  A valuable lesson:  VV31-34; Matthew 6:14-15 (707)

     III.  The proper attitude for forgiveness.  V35
             A.  From the heart. V35; Ephesians 4:32 (865) 

      Conclusion:  1.  Review  2.  Illustration about the proper attitude.