THE BLOOD SACRIFICE (Lesson Five)
                                          Contacting The Blood Sacrifice Of Jesus

            A.  When Adam and Eve sinned against God, He place a death penalty on humans
                  Genesis 2:16-17 (2); Genesis 33:24
            B.  God required a blood sacrifice for the forgiveness of sins.  Leviticus 17:11 (97)
            C.  This blood sacrifice applied to all three dispensations.
            D.  Christ offered His own blood for the blood sacrifice.  Hebrews 9:12 (887)
            E.  The blood sacrifice of Jesus saves us from our sins.  Matthew 26:28 (727)
            A.  How do we contact the cleansing blood of Christ to be saved?
     VI.  The Bible teaches that we contact the blood of Christ in baptism.

            A.  Let’s look at several verses and apply them to our question.
                 1.  Remission of sins:  Matthew 26:28 (727).  Jesus shed His blood.
                                                      Acts 2:38 (802).  Let everyone of you be baptized
                      in the name (authority) of Jesus Christ for the remission of sins.

                 2.  Saved:  Romans 5:10 (832).  By the death of His Son.
                                   Romans 6:3-6.  Were baptized into His (Christ) death.

                 3.  And washed us from our sins:   Revelation 1:5 (905) in His blood.
                                                                         Acts 22:16 (823).  Be baptized, and wash
                       away your sins.

                 4.  Forgiven:  Romans 5:8-9 (832)  by His (Christ) blood
                                        Mark 16:16.  And is baptized shall be saved.

                5.  Forgiveness of sins.  Ephesians 1:7 (863)  By His blood
                                                       1 Peter 3:21  Saves us-baptism through the resurrection
                                                       (shed His blood in His death) of Jesus Christ. 

          B.  We aren’t saved by water, but by the blood of Christ.
                1.  The blood of Christ must be applied-contacted.

                     a.  How Children of Israel applied blood  as they were about to escape Egypt
                          Exodus 12:7,12-13 (53) Houses with blood applied passed over.

                2.  People must apply or contact the blood sacrifice of Jesus to be forgiven.

                     a.  Baptism carries the believer to where the remission of sins is found.
                          Romans 6:3-4 (833); John 19:34 (798); Acts 22:16 (823)Where did Saul contact
                          the blood of Christ?
     Closing: We are saved by the blood sacrifice of Christ and continually forgiven , and we can
                    look forward to eternal life.