THE DISCOURSE ON THE MOUNT OF OLIVES (Lesson Four)
                          Prophecy Regarding Thge Second Coming of Christ (cont'd)
                                  Matthew 24:45-51 (725); Also luke 12:41-48


          A.  The return of Christ is certain, but we don't know when.  Matthew 24:32-36,44

          B.  Let's continue our study about the return of Christ.

    IV.  When Jesus returns there will be a judgment of all people who have ever lived.  Matthew
          24:45-51 (725)

          A.  Two attitudes that people will demonstrate toward the return of Jesus:  1) The faithful
               and wise servant (V46) ___________________________________________________;
               the evil servant (Vv48-50 __________________________________________________.

          B.  The judgment illustrated:  1) The good servant (the redeemed) ___________________
                Vv 45-47;  2) the evil servant (the unredeemed) _________________________Vv48-51

          C.  The judgment according to Matthew 25:31-34,41,46

     V.  What should be our attitude toward the return of Christ? 1 Thessalonians 5:1-11 (874)

          A.  We are sons of light and sons of day (righteous; right). Vv4-5

          B.  What should we do since Christ will return?

               1.  Don't _________________. V6a

               2.  Watch.  V6d

               3.  Be _____________.  V6c

               4.  Have _____________ , love and hope.  V8

          C.  When Jesus returns the wrath isn't for us.  V9a

               1.  We will receive our ______________ salvation, which is eternal life.  V9b

               2.  Our salvation is so assured that even death can't steal it.

               3.  We have salvation because of what Christ has _______ for us. Romans 5:1-9 (832)

          A.  Review
          B.  Invitation