THE DISCOURSE ON THE MOUNT OF OLIVES (Lesson Three)
                        Prophecy Regarding The Second Coming Of Christ
                 Matthew 24:29-51 (725); Also Mark 13:24-37; Luke 21:25-36

        A.  Comments about the end of the world:
        B.  Before His prophecy in Matthew 24, Jesus told the scribes, Pharisees and
             hypocrites in Matthew 23:37-39.  "See! Your house is left to your desolate"
             1.  God would abandon the temple and no loger accept worship because of
                  the people's spiritual condition.
        C.  Jesus told the Jews that He would return.
             1. Scribes and Pharisees. V39        2. His apostles. John 14:1-3 (793)

    I.  Four of His apostles asked Him in Matthew 24:3b, "And what will be the sign of
        Your coming and of the end of the age?" (We'll use as one question) Vv 29-31
        A.  The second coming of Jesus is called the parousia.

        B.  The destruction of Jerusalem and its ________ had occurred in 70 AD. V29

        C.   An apostasy occurred over years. V29 (symbolism used)

        D.  _______ eye willl see Jesus when He returns. V30 (The most majestic scene
             ever witnessed.

        E.  Christ will send His __________ to collect all of His people. V31

   II.  The parable of the fig tree. Vv32-35
        A.  When the fig tree produced leaves, summer was soon. V32

        B.  When "these things" (events before the return of Christ) are seen, Christ is
             at the door. V33.

        C. "This generation refers to those who will see "these things." V34

        D.  What Jesus has said ___________ happen. V35

  III.  No one ________ when Jesus will return. V36 Explanation:
        A.  Events prior to Jesus' return will be typical. Vv37-39.  Consider:
             Have you ever thought:

        B.  Jesus will separate His people from the lost. Vv40-41; 1 Thess. 4:17

        C.  What should we do?  Watch (Vv42-43); Be __________.  (V44)