THE DISCOURSE ON THE MOUNT OF OLIVES (Lesson one)
                       Prophecy Regarding The Destruction Of The Temple
                     Matthew 24:1-28 (724); Also Mark 13:1-23; Luke 21:5-24

          A.  Jesus delivered this discourse the week of His crucifixion.
          B.  There are several views of interpretation.  Examples:
          C.  Mattthew 24:1-3

      I.  Verse 3

          A.  Two views regarding the number of questions: 1) two; 2) three.

               1.  My understanding is that the four apostles asked Jesus about the
                    destruction of the temple (Vv1-2) and His return (John 16:7,16 (795).

          B.  First question:  V3a _____________________________________________

               1.  The temple was being renovated by Herod the Great.  Was completed
                    in 64 AD.
               2.  Jesus had talked with scribes, Pharisees and hypocrites. Matt. 23:29-39.
               3.  Jesus made comments about the temple to His disciples. V2
          C.  As He sat on the Mount of Olives, Peter, Andrew, James and John asked
               V3a __________________________________________________________

    II.  Jesus responded with His prophecy. VV4-28

          A.  Warnings: 
               deceptions.  Vv4-5
               wars.  V6
               military conflicts. V7
               natural disasters. Vv7-8
               persecutions. Vv9-10
               other signs. Vv11-13
               Gospel preached to all world. V14; Colossians 1:5,6,23 (870)
               abomination of desolation. V15; Daniel 9:26-27 (660); Dan. 11:31; Lk.21:20

          B.  What were the people to do? Luke 21:20-24 (774); Matthew 24:15-22

          C.  Remember that four of the apostles asked Jesus about His return?
               1.  It would not _________ at the destruction of the temple. Vv23-28.
               2.  The coming of Jesus will be like a ________ of lightening across the sky.