THE HOLY SPIRIT (Lesson Thirteen)

                                                  THE HOLY SPIRIT (Lesson Thirteen)
                                                 Sins Against The Holy Spirit (Part Two)

             A.  We have already focused on five sins against the Spirit:
    VII.  This morning let’s focus on two other sins against the Holy Spirit.

             G.  Insulting the Holy Spirit. Hebrews 10:26-31 (888)

                   1.  “Sin willfully” is a conscious rejection of God.  Unger’s Bible Dictionary.

                   2.  B.W. Johnson has written the following about “done despite”/ “insulted”, _____

                   3.  In what condition?  Worse than physical death (VV28-29); unforgiveness (V26);
                        Condemned (V27).  Unless there is repentance and confession.  1 John 1:9 (900)  

             H.  Blasphemy against the Holy Spirit.  Matthew 12:31-32 (713); Mark 3:28-30 (733);
                   Luke 12:10 (764)

                   1.  Blasphemy signifies the speaking of evil of God. Unger’s Bible Dictionary.

                        a.  It is intentional speaking    (Matthew 12:32; Luke 12:10) against the Spirit.
                        b.  It is the unpardonable/unforgiveable sin.  Mark 3:29 ____________________.
                             Luke 12:10 _____________________      Matthew 12:31 _______________.
                             Matthew 12:32 _________________________________________________.
                        c.  God’s grace is sufficient, but the individual doesn’t have the disposition to

                   2.  What is the unpardonable sin?  Two views:

                        a.  On view:  reaching a condition in which the heart is so hardened that it is
                             beyond the point of repentance. 

                             1) will not listen to God’s word and doesn’t do God’s will any longer. Matt.
                                 13:13-15 (713) Our Lord said:
                             2) continue living in sin and won’t repent. Hebs. 3:7-15 (884);
                                  Hebs. 6:4-6; Romans 1:24-32 (830)

                       b.   Second view:  refusing to accept and obey God’s plan of salvation.
                             Acts 2:22-24 (802); 1 Cor. 15:1-4 (850); Acts 2:38-39 (802)
                             1) Those who refuse to accept God’s plan of salvation are lost.
                                  1 Thess. 1:7-9 (875)
                  Closing:  Unforgiveness: __________________. Unforgiveable ________________