THE HOLY SPIRIT (Lesson Two)
                                                           The Holy Spirit with Jesus



          A.  Our lesson focuses on the Holy Spirit and His connection with Jesus.

    II.  The Holy Spirit with Jesus.

          A.  Jesus had the Spirit without measure.  John 3:34 (781)  Measure means in a limited
                way, so Jesus received the Spirit without limitations.

                1.  Was begotten of the Spirit.  Luke 1:35 (749)  ______________________________
                2.  Was anointed with the Spirit.  Luke 4:18 (753) _____________________
                3.  Was led by the Spirit.  Luke 4:1-2.  __________________________________
                4.  Was Filled with the Spirit. Luke 4:1 _____________________________________
                5.  Was justified in the Spirit. 1 Tim. 3:16 (877) ______________________________
                6.  Was raised by the Spirit. Romans 8:11 (834) _____________________

          B.  Jesus declared regarding the Spirit:

                1.  Would convict the world of sin,etc. John 16:8-11 (795)
                2.  Would testify of Jesus.  John 15:26-27
                3.  Would glorify Jesus.  John 16:14
                4.  Would reveal truth.  John 16:13

          C.  The Holy Spirit was promised by Jesus.  John 7:38-39 (786)

                1.  Wasn’t given until after the resurrection and ascension of Jesus. John 16:7 (795)
                2.  Jesus prepared His apostles.  John 20:22
                3.  Jesus told His apostles to wait in Jerusalem for the Spirit. Acts 1:4-8 (801)
                4.  The Holy Spirit was given on the Pentecost after the resurrection of Jesus.
                     a.  To apostles who were already saved.  Acts 2:1-4;32-33.
                     b.  To the people who were saved. Acts 2:38

  Closing:  1)  Jesus was given the Spirit without limitations.  2)  Jesus declared that the Spirit
                  would convict the world, testify of Him, bring glory to Him and reveal truth.  3) The
                  Spirit was promised by Jesus and was given after His ascension into Heaven.