THE WAY TO REPENTANCE
                                           2 Samuel 12:1-15 (258)

         A.  King David became involved with a beautiful woman named Bathsheba
              resulting in adultery and murder.  2 Samuel 11:26-27
         B.  God sent His prophet Nathan to rebuke King David for his sins. 2 Samuel
              12:1-15 (258)
         C.  Let's focus on what we can learn about repentance from Nathan's rebuke
              of King David.
     I.  Sometimes we are blind to ________ sins.

         A.  David could easily see the sin of the man in Nathan's story.  Vv5-6

              1.  David was guilty of greater sins.  V7
              2.  "You are the man."

         B.  Application:  Let's be careful that we see our sins as we see the sins of

              1.  Don't not have the attitude when someone else is overtaken by sin,
                   "Isn't is a shame __________________ ?"  And when sin hits home,
                   "Well you know we all _________."

    II.  The way to bring about repentance ( the giving up of one's stubborn _____
          to obey God's will)

          A.  We must ________________ our sin.

               1.  David.  Vv9-13.  "I haved _________ against the LORD."
               2.  Application:

          B.  We must _______________ the consequencies of sin.

               1.  David. Vv14,10.  His consequencies:
               2.  Application:

          C.  We must __________ to God's love.

               1.  David. V13
               2.  Application:  2 Peter 3:9 (899); Romans 2:2-4 (830)

          D.  We must believe that God _________________.

               1.  David.  V13
               2.  Application:  Acts 2:36-39 (801); 1 John 1:7,9 (899)
     Closing:  The LORD rebuked David through Nathan.  How do we respond when the
                 LORD rebukes us.  Illustration: