TRUST GOD DURING THESE CIRCUMSTANCES
                                                         Isaiah 40:28-31 (539)


          A.  Questions:

          B.  Read Isaiah 40:28-31.  An early meaning of the word “wait” in v31 meant “to twist,
                bind.”  It was used of the twisting process in the making of a rope.

                1.  Illustration:  God, His word and you twisted like a rope gives you strength.

          C.  As we wait on the Lord, we can receive several encouraging blessings.

      I.  We can trust God’s sovereignty.  V28b

          A.  God is in charge.  He is everlasting.

          B.  God told Moses long ago, “ I AM WHO I AM.”  KJV: “I AM THAT I AM.”
                1. Meant something to the effect.  Whatever you need, I am.

    II.  We can trust God’s power.  V28

          A.  Our problems are never too big for our awesome God.

   III.  We can trust God’s understanding. V28d

          A.  Why are we facing this cruel virus?  God knows.

   IV.  We can always depend on God’s concern. V29

          A.  We can ask God for strength, to keep us from despair, endurance (v31)


          A.  Let’s place our trust in our Heavenly Father as we deal with the Coronavirus pandemic
                Proverbs 3:5-6 (487)