Psalm 131 (480)


          A.  There are four days away from Thanksgiving Day, a day set aside to express our
                gratitude to God for His many blessings.
          B.  The importance and significance of the expression, “Thank you,” to God.
          C.  Our message is from Psalm 131 (480) written by David, and deals with three qualities
                for us to consider as we think of expressing gratitude to God.
      I.  The first quality is humility.  Psalm 131:1

          A.  Humility is a balance between self-abasement and pride.

          B.  David described his humility in terms of his limitations. V1 according to The
                Living Bible.

                1.  There are many limitations that we have.  Examples:  Job 38:1-7 (426); Isaiah
                     55:8-9 (549)

          C.  We don’t have all the answers and we are limited.  Do the best and leave the rest to
                our omnipresent, omniscient and omnipotent God.
     II.  The second quality is trust.  Psalm 131:2

          A.  “Like a weaned child with his mother”
                1.  What he was receiving he no longer has, but he still trusts his mother.

          B.  “Surely I have calmed and quieted my soul,”
                1.  Paraphrase:

          C.  God weans us from dependence on the things of the world in two ways-He removes
                them and gives us something better.  2 Corinthians 6:14-18 (855)
                1.  A pray found in the pocket of a dead Confederate soldier.

   III.  The third quality is hope.  Psalm 131:3; Psalm 130:7

          A.  Hope is “to wait on something because you know the thing you are waiting for will
                Happen because you know the person you are waiting on is trustworthy.
                1.  What credit is it if you trust God to _____________________________________.
                     What will you do when you no longer have them?

          B.  That is why our hope must be in God.

Conclusion:  We should be the most thankful people in the world.  We have an awesome God in
                      Whom to trust.  Psalm 131