Matthew 7:13-14 (708)


         A.  Let’s use what our Lord said in Matthew 7:13-14 as a basis for our lesson.

     I.  People have before them two gates and we will enter one of them.

         A.  Jesus described one of the gates as the wide gate. V13

               1.  Entrance is easy.  No restrictions and no sacrifices.

               2.  This gate is appealing to people because we are born self- centered.  Mark 9:
                    33-34 (740)

         B.  The other gate is described by Jesus as the narrow gate.  Vv13-14

               1.  Entrance is difficult.

                    a.  I mentioned that we are born self- centered but we are born again Christ-
                         centered   Mark 10:35-37,41-45 (741)
                    b.  Entrance through the narrow gate requires sacrifice.  Luke 9:23 (760)
                    c.  Entrance restricts the way we live.  Matthew 7:21 (708)

    II.  Jesus spoke of two ways.

          A.  The broad way. V13

                1.  Requires no repentance and no reformation.

          B.  The other way is difficult.  V14

                1.  Self-denial and sacrifice are required.  Luke 9:57-62 (761)

   III.  Jesus spoke of two groups of people.

          A.  Many people go through the wide gate but only a few go through the narrow gate.
                Matthew 7:14; Luke 13:24

   IV.  There are two destinations.

          A.  Destruction.V13. Reference is to everlasting punishment 2 Thess. 1:7-9 (875); MANY
          B.  Life. Reference to eternal life.  Matthew 25:46; Romans 6:20-22 (833); FEW 

Conclusion: What is your eternal destination?  It depends on gate and way. Mt 7:13-14