Psalm 89:5-7 (463)


         A.  Worshipping God is a great honor and privilege.

         B.  Our worship should be with reverence because of who God is.  Vv6,8

         C.  We should be brought to humility as we understand God’s awesomeness.

         D.  Let’s focus on the human as a religious being and the fact that God is worthy
               of our worship.

     I.  The human by nature is a religious being and __________ to worship something.

          A.  Examples:

          B.  The people in Athens, Greece in the first century.  Acts 17:16-23a (818)

          C.  People desire to worship something greater.

    II.  Our God is the only God and He can ___________ these needs.

          A.  Several characteristics of God

                1.  Creative.  Genesis 1:1 (1)

                2.  Eternal.  Psalm 90:2 (464)

                3.  Omniscient.  Psalm 139 (482)

                4.  Omnipotent.  Psalm 47:5 (446)

                5.  Omnipresent.  Jeremiah 23:23-24 (574)

          B.  The Apostle Paul’s message presented on the Areopagus in Athens.  Acts 17:22-33
                (818); Revelation 4:11


          A.  The Bible proves that God is worthy of our worship.

          B.  Question for each person to answer:  Do I have the proper relationship with God to
                worship Him?