Psalm 89:7 (463)


          A.  Review
          B.  Let’s concentrate on the consequences of irreverence toward God during the worship
                by using the Lord’s Supper, which is one of the avenues of worship.  1 Corinthians 11:
                17-34 (847)

     I.  The conduct of the church members in Corinth.  Vv17-22

          A.  Division existed in the church.  Vv17-18

                1.  Their meeting together was disorderly.  Vv19-22

                2.  It seems that the members engaged in a feast or fellowship meal and that the Lord’s
                     Supper was observed later.

                3.  Some starter eating earlier than others.  Some would finish and others would be

                4.  With the disorder there wasn’t the proper environment for observing the Lord’s
                     Supper.  Paul rebuked them.  Vv22,33-34

     II.  The Institution of the Lord’s Supper.  Vv23-26

    III.  The inappropriate observance of the Lord’s Supper.  Vv27-30

           A.  A lack of thoughtful participation was condemned.  V29

           B.  Careful preparation was required.  V28

           C.  A lack of reverence for Christ had penalties.  V29

           D.  The consequences of irreverence toward God: (v30) Do we express reverence for
                 God in worship?

    IV.  What must we do about irreverence toward God in worship?

            A.  Judge ourselves as guilty and make the necessary corrections.  V31

            B.  Accept the chastening of our Heavenly Father (v32) so we won’t be condemned.

  Conclusion:  We can’t decide for anyone else to worship God with reverence.  It’s an
                        individual matter for which we will be held accountable on the Day of Judgment.