Psalm 89:7 (463)

          A.  Our study last Sunday focused on the human as a religious being and the fact that
                God is worthy of our worship. Acts 17:22-23 (818)
          B.  Ethan wrote in Psalm 89:7 ...............
          C.  God is worthy of our reverential worship because of who He is.  Psalm 89:6; Hebrews
                12:28-29 (891)
          D.  Let’s think about having reverence for God which should be expressed during our
      I.  Reverence for God develops out of a personal relationship with God.

          A.  We must know God.  John 17:1-3 (796)

                1.  “Eternal life”

                2. “Know”

                3.  How do you know God? Jesus?

          B.  We must love God.  Matthew 22:35-38 (723)

                1.  We should worship God because we love Him, not because we feel obligated.
                     Giving as an example:  2 Corinthians 9:6-7 (856)

          C.  We must present our bodies as living sacrifices.  Romans 12:1-2 (837)

          D.  The more we live with God, the more we learn to love and appreciate Him and these
                emotions provide a foundation for the reverential worship of God.

    II.  Our expression of reverence for God during worship requires careful preparation.

          A.  What should be the condition of the environment of worship?  Exodus 3:4-6 (45)

  III.  Worshipping God with reverence requires thoughtful participation.  John 4:
         24 (782)

         A.  In truth:

         B.  In spirit: (Psalm 111:1,473)

         A.  Excerpts from Charles Spurgeon on Psalm 89:7
         B.  Our worship to God is an expressed attitude of reverence and exaltation.  Psalm 29:2